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The Best Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses Frames

You might go wrong by shopping for prescription eye wear from some brands but not Ray Ban. Ray Ban offers high quality prescription sunglasses with quality frame materials and long lasting lenses. the selection of frames they give you is also one of a kind with not only great designs, but protective as well.

Ray Ban prescription glasses are available worldwide in their outlets and are of the same standard quality no matter where you are. If you are considering getting some prescription sunglasses or reading sunglasses, look out for the Ray Ban frames we have suggested for you; they are worth all the trouble to get :

Ray Ban 3379 prescription Sunglasses


Ray Ban 3379 prescription Sunglasses

These rectangular frames by Ray ban are bound to look great on all faces. There are different colors available for RB3379 glasses including brown and gun metal. You are guaranteed of full protection from UV radiation and the sun’s glare.

Ray-Ban RB3293 prescription glasses

Ray-Ban RB3293 prescription glasses

You can look cool with this RB3293 prescription aviator. The lenses are convex shaped and have an interesting gradient. The thin temples are quite stylish and the frame in general is light enough to wear for long hours. This would be a good pair for both ladies and men to wear to the beach.

Ray Ban 2520 Original Prescription Wayfarer

Ray Ban 2520 Original Prescription Wayfarer

Those who love to go colored should try out the original wayfarer by Ray ban. Ray ban’s 2520 prescription sunglasses come in great colors including multicolored frames and single colors such as black and brown. The frame will look good on most youngsters; you can wear Ray Ban prescription wayfarers to college and use them for reading outdoors.

Ray-Ban 4101  prescription shades

Ray-Ban 4101  prescription shades

Ray ban RB4101 Jackie OHH prescription eyeglasses have a very fancy design that ladies should try out. The colors are also very convenient for women. You can have a violet frame like the one above or go for havana, black or brown. The frame is really light and good for any season.

Top Designer Tortoise Shell Sunglasses Frames

Tortoise shell sunglasses frames come in different shades ranging from light conspicuous ones to dark ones with dark shades of brown. It is easy to pull a look with tortoise eyeglasses frames if you choose the right design for your face. Tortoise colored eye wear actually has no gender; the only thing can could change the gender is the design. What’s more, there are many interesting patterns that can be applied to make the tortoise shell frame more attractive. For instance playing around brown and yellow or adding some lustre to the brighter parts of the frame to make it more outstanding. Take a look at the designer tortoise shell shades below:

Cazal 163 Sunglasses

Cazal 163 Sunglasses

Cazal 163 Sunglasses have a vintage inspired design that suites the tortoise shell color on the rims. Also the brown gradient lenses look like they were just meant for the frame. I love the temple style; the temples become thin past the ear while the front side of the side arm is thick. This is probably why they have such a comfort fit.

Ray Ban W1748 Vintage shades

Ray Ban W1748 Vintage shades Tortoiseshell

Ray Ban W1748 Vintage glasses are not very popular but the tortoise frame still rocks. These ones will give you the true retro look that not many people have ever achieved. If you wear them with a vintage hat or dress, you will be more than retro awesome.

Carrera 5590 Eyeglasses Frames

Carrera 5590 Eyeglasses Frames Tortoiseshell

Carrera aviators will always be one of my favorite. First the design and now this pair has a great tortoise shell frame. What’s more, the shades have an interesting bridge style and a light gradient tint on the lenses. If a lady or a guy wears Carrera 5590 Eyeglasses Frames they will definitely look wonderful.

Tom Ford TF 5178 Green Tortoise  Glasses

Tom Ford TF 5178 Green Tortoise Glasses

What gets you attention first with these eyeglasses is the green tortoise color which is not so popular. The variation ans shades of green used added to the clear lenses makes this eye wear cool for your face. These plastic  sunglasses will also give you the retro look.

Sunglasses with Clear Tinted Lenses For That Retro Look

Looking retro in sunglasses depends on different things and not necessarily the age of the eye wear. You can look retro by the shape of the sunglasses, their size and sometimes lenses. Glasses with clear lenses are one of the best when looking for a retro look because you don’t have to go too complicated with the frame design.

You only need to choose your colors well and make sure the design of your eye wear suites your facial features. This gives you a more personalized look that does not look out of place on your face. Take a look at the designer eyeglasses below and see just how easy you can look retro hot.

Christian Dior 2517 sunglasses

christian dior 2517 sunglasses clear lens

These Christian Dior 2517 sunglasses are vintage from the 1970′s. Their frame style is large with large lenses. What is most interesting about Christian Dior 2517 eyeglasses is the marbled rims and temples. I love the color variation at the rims and the metal on the corners. Not only will you get a true retro look from these sunglasses but they are very fashionable.

Persol Ratti Aviator Glasses

persol ratti aviator glasses clear lens

Persol Ratti Aviator shades may not look retro but when you wear them you see their true retro taste. They also have a large frame style and medium size rims and temples. The metal encryptions on the side arms and bridge add some glamor to the glasses while the clear lenses complete the look.

Morato squared Shades

morato squared shades clear lens

The most conspicuous thing about these Morato squared glasses is their cuteness. If you are under prescription, this might be the frame you need because it will serve you everywhere including reading and providing protection from radiation. Ladies will love wearing them plus they are not so expensive.

Ray Ban RX5121 Eye wear

ray-ban rx5121 eye wear clear lens

Ray Ban wayfarers are very common but coming to think of it, they are not going out of fashion any time soon. These ones with a black frame and clear lenses are great for a bit of a retro look. As usual, Ray Ban eye wear is good quality and worth your money.