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Ideas On How To Wear Havana Tinted Sunglasses

Havana tint is a great one to try out because it will not let you down. There are numerous ways which you can wear sunglasses with a Havana tint color and look really cool. Better, almost every face and skin color can go well with Havana tinted lenses.

For that elegant and complete look, choose frame colors that complement the Havana tint color so that they blend well. A Havana sunglasses frame color will be easy to wear because the colors match automatically. You can also go for eyeglasses frames with shades of brown or with neutral colors such as white, gray or black. Leopard spots frame will look wonderful with a Havana tint especially on ladies.

Havana Tinted Sunglasses

If you want to brighten up your face with sunglasses, you can choose to go for frames of bright colors such as green or yellow. Most pastel colors will also go well with Havana tinted lenses. Men will look great in the greens while ladies can pick a red or rose frame color.

Havana tinted shades will look best on a great frame design that suites your facial features. Go for frame shapes that make your face look better and cover a bit on your ‘flaws’. The key to getting the right frame type is keeping in mind that round faces go with angular shapes while angular face shapes look better in round or eyeglasses with smooth edges.

Go also for fancy feminine designs if you are a lady and cool masculine sunglasses frames if you are a man. Aviators will never let you down; they suite almost every face shape. Women can still wear Havana tinted cat eyes or butterfly shaped eyeglasses and men eagle eye shaped ones. Most men will also look great in large squared off Havana lenses.

Havana Tinted Sunglasses

A gradient or double gradient Havana tinted glasses will also be a great thing to try out. Aside from the convenience in low light conditions or when driving, they look cool.

If you love designer eye wear, try wearing Ray Ban’s plastic ‘Cats 4000′ aviator sunglasses with a Havana tint color. Cazal 951 sunglasses and Gucci GG 3164/S frames will look wonderful with Havana tinted lenses.

Ladies can make their Havana tint look better by wearing matching jewellery or make up. Black, brown, or bronze mascara will be more than good with Havana.

Cool Tips On How To Wear Havana Sunglasses Frames

Havana sunglasses frames are one of the most convenient colors to wear. It is hard for you to go wrong on this color but it is also not easy to make Havana sunglasses frames look fabulously cool. The key secret to making the best out of Havana colored eyeglasses is taking care of small details such as the lens color, the frame type and the frame size.

Always ensure that your Havana glasses frame is fitting on your face. Oversize frames will be uncomfortable and might step on your confidence while undersize ones look not so good. Unless you are wearing a fitting oversize Havana sunglasses frame, always go for frames which are not wider than the widest part f your face.

Havana Sunglasses Frames

Choose interesting tint color schemes that complement the havana frame color. Havana tinted lenses will automatically match with the frame. You can also play safe by wearing neutral colored tints such as gray or just clear lenses. Havana eyeglasses frames will go with tints of any shades of brown and some yellows. Pastel red tint and rose will also look good with Havana shades. You can however combine with other colors such as green, pink or orange and look wonderful.

Men will look food in Havana wayfarers or aviator sunglasses while ladies would look best in more feminine designs such as cat eyes and butterfly eyeglasses frames. Oversize Havana sunglasses frames are great and worth your try while vintage sunglasses with a Havana color are a classic that you should not overlook during your shopping. Men can try out Tom ford’s “jack” Havana shades or Ray Ban 4125 Havana sunglasses. Ladies will look good in Vogue VO2609SB or Cazal 951 Havana glasses frames. You can also go vintage by wearing Vintage Fendi 25 Havana eyeglasses or Cazal 858 sunglasses.

Havana Sunglasses Frames

You don’t need to worry about which outfit to match with your Havana frames; they can go with most colors including brown, black, white and yellow. Any color would actually go with Havana depending on how you wear it. You can go for a Havana frame with a green tint to match with a green dress or shirt. A Havana eyeglasses frame with silver or gold studs will be easy to match with your silver or gold jewelery.