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Hot Hip Hop Sunglasses Frames You Should Try Out

Getting the right hip hop look is easy if you choose a great pair of sunglasses. You can bring out your hip hop swag with glasses using either the color choice or the frame design of the sunglasses. Sometimes the size of the eyeglasses frame matters and the decor as well.

Both ladies and men have a wide variety of hip hop sunglasses frames to pick from including designer and vintage. You can copy some celebrity hip hop eyeglasses styles too but first look at the great sunglasses designs we have suggested for you this season. These designer shades will definitely give you the absolute cool hip hop swag.

Dita Grandmaster Sunglasses

Dita Grandmaster Sunglasses

The Dita Grandmaster eyeglasses frame with gradient lenses and a black and gold frame are a hip hop classic. They have been worn by many hip hop stars such as Usher in his OMG Video and the result was wonderful. Any man will look wonderful in this frame and any time is good for wearing Grandmaster shades by Dita.

Mosley Tribes Enforcer Glasses

Mosley Tribes Enforcer Glasses

You can look hip hop in aviator sunglasses by wearing the Enforcer glasses frame by Mosley Tribes. The shades are simple with squared off lenses and a thin temple and rim style but they have a sense of hip hop in them. 50 Cent wore this in Nicole Scherzinger’s ‘Right There’ video.

Vintage Cazal 903 Frames

Vintage Cazal 903 Frames

Going hip hop in a vintage style could not look better than when wearing blue Cazal 903 glasses. The frame is specially crafted with a unique bridge and rim design. The cazal logo is right at the front and the lenses are smoothly curved in one piece. It’s no wonder Rick Ross chose the frame for TI’s ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ video.

Nooka Mercury Eye wear

Nooka Mercury Eye wear

Luminous green Nooka Mercury Sunglasses are a must try for hip hop lovers. The angular frame and the bright color speak for themselves. What’s more, the green frame glows in the dark for everyone to see. This is the pair you should go for when going clubbing or partying at night. Amber Rose and Jason Derulo have been spotted wearing Nooka Mercury shades.

Kim Kardashian’s Best Sunglasses Collection

Kim Kardashian has one of the best eye wear I have seen on celebrities. She knows just how to pick the pairs that look hot on her. Kim Kardashian also seems to have a thing for brands such as Dita and Chanel; but they brands make great designs.

Some sunglasses Kardashian wears only look good on her while others suite every face. She has been on the spotlight in the eye wear sector because she has great taste. Of all the sunglasses I have seen on Kim Kardashian, I think the pairs below look wonderful:

Dolce & Gabbana – DG 6054 sunglasses

Dolce & Gabbana – DG 6054 sunglasses are oversize with a cool style. The golden unibrow at the top is very attracrive and makes the glasses hot for ladies to wear. As always Kim Kardashian is looking smashing in them. Kim Kardashian’s Dolce & Gabbana – DG 6054 sunglasses pair has brown gradient lenses and spotted frames.

Chloe 2119 Eye wear

Whether on Kim Kardashian or on your face, Chloe 2119 glasses are ever gorgeous. They have an oversize style with a bit of a retro touch. The gradient tint has been done smoothly with good color variation plus the frame shape is neutral enough for most face shapes.

Dita Insider Shades

Dita insider sunglasses are one of the simplest I have seen on Kim Kardashian. You will like the wayfarer frame design and the smoothly finished frames. The lenses are large and slightly squared off which makes them more trendy. These ones are simple enough to be worn by anyone.

Dita Night Moves Eyeglasses

Once again, Kim Kardashian is wearing an oversize frame-  Dita Night Moves Eyeglasses frame. This pair is not so popular but it looks wonderful on her. You might have to be more careful before copying this style if you have an angular face.