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Three Stunning Heart Shaped Sunglasses

I have seen a music video of Lady Gaga, where the queen of pop was wearing heart shaped sunglasses. Gaga can get away with this style (she gets away wearing a dress made of meat!), but I don’t see how any adult can get away wearing heart shaped glasses. This is one style that I believe was designed for teen girls and small boys and girls. Try buying them for your teenage son and he won’t talk to you for a week.

Heart shaped glasses frames come in those romantic colors, red, purple, pink, marooned. These are colors that only look good in chics.

Pink Heart Shaped Glasses from love fashion eye wear

pink heart shaped glasses-from love fashion eye wear

This pink heart shaped glasses would look good in any Kid under 10 years, boy or girl. They can match with any face shape. They are perfect for going to a kids party and to the mall. This pink heart shaped glasses can also be worn over the summers when you go out to the beach.

Black Heart Shaped Eye Wear

black heart shaped eye wear

This black love heart shaped glasses can be matched with different outfits. You can wear a red top, a white blouse any color you imagine and you would still look great. They can be worn when going to a night club, after noon shopping, and the beach. The only place you should not been seen wearing love heart shaped frames is in the office unless you work in a design agency.

White Love heart frames


Looking for perfect style sunglasses to wear when you attend that college party, beach concert or something to wear in a sunny summer? This white heart glasses are the real deal. The bonus is they can be wore with outfits made of a variety of colors.