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How To Shop For Sunglasses On The Street

Street shopping for sunglasses offers us the opportunity to see other varieties of sunglasses different from the brand names we see in optical shops. It is also cheaper to shop for sunglasses on the streets but it can be tricky too. When shopping for glasses on the streets, you should not be under prescription because in most places you will not find an optician to take your PD measurements or get the right prescription lenses for you.

Look out for loose hinges or broken and cracked parts of the frame. Try to move the temple and ensure that they move freely at the hinges without feeling stiff. Do not ignore small cracks on the sunglasses as that might indicate a fragile frame material.


Read the details of the qualities of the sunglasses as described by the manufacturer. If they sunglasses have qualities such as polarization, or an anti scratch coating the better the choice.

Make sure that the sunglasses offer 100% protection from UV radiation. You can check the details from the manufacturer or take the glasses to an optician for checking. If you are not sure of the sunglasses ability to protect your eyes, you can take them for a UV treatment.

Always look out for quality lenses; check to see that the lenses of the sunglasses are not scratched anywhere. You should also try the sunglasses on and look through the lenses to see that they give clear vision.


The best sunglasses from the streets are those with adjustable bridges especially when buying from an open place where the sunglasses are exposed to heat. The adjustable bridge will allow you to change the size of the sunglasses in case of expansion or contraction of the frame material.

It is better to window shop first because there is a very wide variety of sunglasses designs on the streets. Try out as many as possible and pick only the ones that suite your face. It is advisable to be accompanied by someone when shopping so that they give you their opinion on the sunglasses.