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Adidas A154 Sunglasses Play Golf Well

Adidas A154 Sunglasses have a very strong sporty design that is not only cool looking but also of good quality. The glasses feature all the qualities of eye wear that you need when going for a golf match or simply going outdoors to watch golf. Adidas A154 eyeglasses are rimless but very strong and can withstand some impact without shattering. The frame is also very protective to your eyes and face in general.

The hinges are made to be very flexible and the bridge soft to give you a comfort fit; you don’t have to worry about getting lines on your face after long time wearing. Notice too that every aspect of Adidas A154 sunglasses is dedicated to reduce any weight on your face to minimum; they are rimless, the frame materials are light acetate and polycarbonate and they have a single lens.

Adidas A154 Sunglasses Play Golf Well

The wraparound style is meant to give you protection from all glare and a clear peripheral view. They fit snugly on your face and don’t need any support when moving around. The lenses also have all the qualities that you require for your golf sunglasses icluding an anti-fog coating for those days with bad weather.

You will not only wear Adidas A154 eye wear in the field but also for any casual activities. These sunglasses combined some casual clothes or jeans will look awesome on both men and women. you can wear them to the beach if you want or when riding on your motorbike. Adidas A154 are available in different colors including red, Matte copper, Matte Titan and silver plus the price is a good investment in your wardrobe.